Meet Christina

Welcome to my world of artistic expression. I have connected as an artist through both the written and visual world most of my life. I find beauty in not only what is natural and sublime but, also the found and forgotten. Taking the inspiration from the objects around me and making them into beautiful pieces, to brighten the everyday has brought me so much joy. 

My life has been touched by all the places I grew up and traveled. From the grit of New York City in the 1980's to the earthiness and soul of my mother's horse farm, to the warmth of the Florida sun, where I now have my own beach house doors down from the one I grew up in. Each road we walk upon, each sun we watch rise teaches us a lesson, adds depth to our character and pages to our stories. Along my journey I have picked up treasures I'd like to share with you. 

Each of these shells tells a story and often offers a wish. Walking each morning finding the shells felt like the ocean was sending me hugs and kisses, warmth to hold me for each day, to keep me strong for my kids. That I can share these shells with others, can share what gave me strength is such a joy.

I'm so honored to share these with you and my hope is that when you wear them, you can't help but smile as well.